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Kaarten > Renaissance > Ironclaw Orcs

Ironclaw Orcs kaart uit de Renaissance set

Ironclaw Orcs, Renaissance
Kaartnaam:  Ironclaw Orcs
Serie:  Renaissance
Serienummer:  58/122
Kleur:  Red
Kaarttype:  Creature - Orc 2/2
Rarity:  Common
Manacost:  1R
Artist:  Anson Maddocks

Legal in:  Vintage, Legacy, Commander
Restricted in:  -
Banned in:  -

Bijgewerkt op:  21-11-2017

Serie Prijs Voorraad
4th Edition € 0,05 8
5th Edition € 0,06 7
Alpha € 3,99 0
Beta € 0,30 0
Renaissance € 0,02 0
Two Player Starter € 0,70 2
Unlimited € 0,27 1

Kaart + flavor tekst

Ironclaw Orcs can't block creatures with power 2 or greater.

Generations of genetic weeding have given rise to the deviously cowardly Ironclaw clan. To say that Orcs in general are vicious, depraved, and ignoble does not do justice to the Ironclaw.

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