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Extirpate kaart uit de Planar Chaos set

Extirpate, Planar Chaos
Kaartnaam:  Extirpate
Serie:  Planar Chaos
Serienummer:  71/165
Kleur:  Black
Kaarttype:  Instant
Rarity:  Rare
Manacost:  B
Artist:  Jon Foster

Legal in:  Vintage, Legacy, Commander, Modern
Restricted in:  -
Banned in:  -

Bijgewerkt op:  17-10-2017

Serie Prijs Voorraad
Modern Masters € 1,50 0
Planar Chaos € 1,25 0

Kaart + flavor tekst

Split second (As long as this spell is on the stack, players can't cast spells or activate abilities that aren't mana abilities.)

Choose target card in a graveyard other than a basic land card. Search its owner's graveyard, hand, and library for all cards with the same name as that card and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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