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Kaarten > Lorwyn > Fistful of Force

Fistful of Force kaart uit de Lorwyn set

Fistful of Force, Lorwyn
Kaartnaam:  Fistful of Force
Serie:  Lorwyn
Serienummer:  212/301
Kleur:  Green
Kaarttype:  Instant
Rarity:  Common
Manacost:  1G
Artist:  Ralph Horsley

Legal in:  Vintage, Legacy, Commander, Modern
Restricted in:  -
Banned in:  -

Bijgewerkt op:  21-11-2017

Serie Prijs Voorraad
Lorwyn € 0,04 5

Fistful Of Force (Lorwyn) is nog 5x op voorrraad

Kaart + flavor tekst

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Clash with an opponent. If you win, that creature gets an additional +2/+2 and gains trample until end of turn. (Each clashing player reveals the top card of his or her library, then puts that card on the top or bottom. A player wins if his or her card had a higher converted mana cost.)

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