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Kaarten > Conspiracy Take the Crown > Volatile Chimera

Volatile Chimera uit de Conspiracy Take the Crown set

Volatile Chimera, Conspiracy Take the Crown
Kaartnaam:  Volatile Chimera
Serie:  Conspiracy Take the Crown
Serienummer:  59/221
Kleur:  Red
Kaarttype:  Creature - Elemental Chimera 3/2
Rarity:  Rare
Manacost:  2R
Artist:  Mathias Kollros

Legal in:  Vintage, Legacy, Commander
Restricted in:  -
Banned in:  -

Bijgewerkt op:  21-11-2017

Serie Prijs Voorraad
Conspiracy Take the Crown € 0,02 0

Kaart + flavor tekst

Before you shuffle your deck to start the game, you may reveal this card from your deck and exile three or more creature cards you drafted that aren't in your deck.

{1}{R}: Choose a card at random you exiled with cards named Volatile Chimera. Volatile Chimera becomes a copy of that card and gains this ability.

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