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Kaarten > Arena League > Castigate

Castigate kaart uit de Arena League set

Castigate, Arena League
Kaartnaam:  Castigate
Serie:  Arena League
Serienummer:  80/0
Kleur:  Multicolored
Kaarttype:  Sorcery
Rarity:  Special
Manacost:  WB
Artist:  Darrell Riche

Legal in:  Vintage, Legacy, Commander, Modern
Restricted in:  -
Banned in:  -

Bijgewerkt op:  25-09-2017

Serie Prijs Voorraad
Arena League € 0,86 6
Guildpact € 0,14 8

Castigate (Arena League) is nog 6x op voorrraad

Kaart + flavor tekst

Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it and exile that card.

We have no need for military might. We wield two of the sharpest swords ever forged: Faith in our left hand, Wealth in our right. - Vuliev of the Ghost Council

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