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Ashnod's Coupon kaart uit de Arena League set

Ashnod's Coupon, Arena League
Kaartnaam:  Ashnod's Coupon
Serie:  Arena League
Serienummer:  66/47
Kleur:  Artifact
Kaarttype:  Artifact
Rarity:  Special
Artist:  Edward P. Beard, Jr

Bijgewerkt op:  20-03-2023

Serie Prijs Voorraad
Arena League € 4,80 0

Kaart + flavor tekst

{T}, Sacrifice Ashnod's Coupon: Target player gets you target drink. You pay any costs for the drink.

Limited time offer. Void where prohibited. Limit one per purchase. Valid only in participating duels. This coupon is nontransferable and invalid if shattered, crumbled, detonated, pillaged, or otherwise disenchanted. Cash value less than 1/20 of a cent. Offer not valid in Quebec, Rhode Island, or where prohibited by law or the DCI.

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